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September 1, 2016
California Canoe Kayak Canoe

Sacramento Paddle Pushers is open to anyone who loves to kayak as a novice or expert, is new to the sport or simply interested in learning how to kayak. Our group is open to every experience level, after all, we were all beginners at some point :)

The vision for this group; education and kayaking basics, kayak-in camping, car camping, lots of local paddling, exploring new lakes and rivers, long weekend trips to the coast, paddling and comradery with other paddling clubs in Sacramento and beyond. We'll adventure out to where ever our little hearts decide to take us. There are so many wonderful lakes right here in our home state of CA. All ideas will be considered. Most, if not all, of our events are better suited to those who have their own kayak, SUP or canoe.

Hikes and bike rides will occur as part of our group events quite often, or may be the main event when it's too cold to be on the water, so we can excersise our hearts to the fullest.

If you have a canoe, SUP, kayak or other type of floating device you use to enjoy the water, feel free to join us as well! This group has FUN, FUN, FUN!

Don't have a kayak?? Ask Lynn to bring you a 12ft Sit On Top to a local event. Cost is $30 to transport to/from the event, payable thru PayPal.

Or, if we're paddling on Lake Natoma you can rent a kayak either at the Aquatic Center or Willow Creek (CCK). **I NO LONGER RECOMMEND RENTING FROM THE ADVENTURE SPORTS BOX AT NEGRO BAR**. Please be aware of each location's rental return times and fees.

You can also rent from The Headwaters Kayak a Locally owned shop in Lodi (headed up by Dan Arbuckle) or California Canoe and Kayak (CCK). CCK has a 'loaner' program and with a deposit that will be applied to your purchase, you're able to 'demo' their kayaks and keep for up to 5 days at a time. This is a great way to try out many different kayaks and see what's the best fit for you.

Inflatable Kayaks; I typically don't recommend these to anyone who wants to kayak frequently, be able to paddle quick if the wind picks up, or just to be able to keep up with the group. Consider you also have to inflate and deflate before/after each paddle. However, IF this is your only option, it's at least an option until you can obtain a non-inflatable kayak.

I also encourage everyone in the group to check out and join the other kayak groups or clubs who offer Kayaking as a sport, in the greater Sacramento or Central Valley area. This will give you as many options for events as possible and allow you to meet others who enjoy this wonderful sport. For starters; Sacramento Sea Kayakers (SSK), California Canoe & Kayak (CCK), Lodi Paddle many groups, so little time ;-)

If you have a favorite place to paddle, please join us and post your idea. Word of mouth is one of the greatest ways for us to all learn about new places to adventure out to!

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