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May 15, 2017
Our 2015 fleet of

We have a humongous amount of recreational kayaks, stand up paddleboards, sleek, fast sea kayaks, canoes and sit-on-top kayaks. Experienced paddlers are on staff to help you pick out the “perfect” boat for your best enjoyment. Many models can be rented for 2 hours or daily.

Our selection of paddles is one of the best in the world. Our brands: Surftech, Quickblade, Werner Paddles, Aquabound, Featherbrand, Gillespie and Epic. The Werner Spanker carbon paddle is our most popular SUP paddle because it is very light. For kayaks, most customers like the Aquabound Manta Ray or the Werner Camano or Skagit. Many serious kayakers go for the Ikelos or Corryvrecken for power and acceleration, and for a great workout.


Friday 9 AM to 3 PM

Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM

Sunday 9 AM to 2 PM

Other days / times, call me, I'll be around.

7 Days before Christmas - open
Please call for hours

Jan thru April - Closed but I will be around
Please call for appointment

Phone: 631-727-9895
or 631- 834- 2525 or


NEW - Stand Up Paddleboarding is the fastest growing water sport. It is lots of fun and you get a great workout. SUPing works most major muscles, especially the leg muscles and core, as you sway and balance the board. You propel the paddleboard with a bent shaft canoe paddle; it is almost like paddling a canoe. As you gain expertise on a paddleboard you might even catch waves and go surfing. Please come and see the SUPs in our store and talk to our SUP pros about this exciting new sport.

FAST - Sea kayaks that really move out. They are great for aerobic workouts and for covering as many miles as you can with the least amount of effort. You will see lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife at the same time. The best kayaks to do this - Nomad GTS, Solstice GT and GTS, Epic 18 and V-8 Surf Ski, Seda Glider, Necky Elaho, Stratus 18, Pungo 140, Kevlar Vision 150 and 34 pound carbon Arluk 1.8.

Malibu Two XL sit-on-top 2 (3) person kayak. Very Stable. You can stand on it.
Pungo 120, large cockpit, easy paddling 12' kayak with very comfortable Phase 3 seat.
9 foot long Frenzy sit-on-top for short cruising, surfing or just messing around.

SOLSTICE GTS (17'7" long) - Be Still My Heat - I'm addicted. She glides so smoothly across the bay like on a Teflon carpet. Secondary stability - feels like you are on shore. The controls, rudder, foot pedals, may have been designed by a Swiss watchmaker. The ergonomics - thigh braces, seat - designed by Mercedes. For even more speed, the 18'10" Nomad GTS is like a souped -up Solstice. She flys. These kayaks will cruise at top speed all day and you won't even break a sweat.

For affordable fun and recreational paddling, these kayaks are popular: Old Town Heron XT. Current Designs Kestrel 120 and 140 Caper, Venus (for ladies) and Frenzy from Ocean Kayak.

Cobra Strike is a good ocean surfing kayak but almost any sit on top kayak works well in surf. Models recommended for surfing: Frenzy, Buzz, lightweight Cleever Wave Ski, Lipstick, 11', Caper. Some flat bottom whitewater (sit-in) kayaks surf really well but they need spray skirts.

Guide to Hybrid Wide Hull Kayak & Canoe Dolly Cart with
Guide to Hybrid Wide Hull Kayak & Canoe Dolly Cart with ...
All Aluminum Side Saddle Canoe Kayak Outboard Motor Mount
All Aluminum Side Saddle Canoe Kayak Outboard Motor Mount ...
Seeing A Kayak For Sale
Seeing A Kayak For Sale
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