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September 21, 2016
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SCKC's location in the Seattle Parks and Recreation facility on Greenlake is ideal for Olympic flatwater canoe/kayak training and racing. However, there is much more than that available at the club, and many members prefer not to race but just to enjoy the unique experience and health benefits of a regular paddle around Greenlake.

Junior Sprint Team

The Seattle Canoe & Kayak Youth Sprint Team is co-ed, multi-age (grades 6-college), and practices on Green Lake after school and on weekends. The Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club is affiliated with the US Canoe and Kayak Team (USACK), and the City of Seattle Department of Parks & Recreation. Our program offers a lot of fun, hard work and pay-offs. Year-round membership on the team is a big commitment, but in return it offers physical and mental training, skills and confidence building, socialization, coaching, competition and the opportunity for both team and personal success. As a community, we are learning how important it is to make these opportunities available to our young people.
For additional information and schedule visit the Youth Paddling page.

Adult Sprint Team

Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club Sprint Team is also very fortunate in that several of the paddlers who grew up in the program remain here as adults, and are joined by other adult team members as well. They work out and compete alongside the youth team and are exemplary role models and inspiration. Together the youth and adult Sprint Team members make Seattle one of the top teams in the nation.

Adult Sprint Paddling Class

The Adult Sprint Team Program offers the same racing skills development opportunities of the Youth Sprint Team to all adults, including post-High School, Intermediate, Senior, and Masters paddlers. Individual and team boat competitions at regional and USACK Nationals regattas can be in your future! You will also participate in conditioning, stroke improvement (via video taping), wake riding, starts and watercraft skills in sprint boats and surfskis. Events include 1000, 200 and 500 meter sprints and 5K/10K distance races. This is a formally coached program open to paddlers of all skill levels.

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