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March 8, 2015
Nikki Rekman Sales: Len

The summer season has very quickly come to a close, and while the rest of the paddling world is winterizing, or making plans to store their kayak or paddleboard— for the canoeists of the world, the season is just beginning. Clipper’s new “Caribou S” could prove to be the Swiss Army Knife of their line: AtRead More ⇒

One of the most hyped up new kayaks for this season is Old Town’s Predator XL Minn-Kota powered fishing kayak. For anyone that fishes it’s hard to deny the cool factor of a fishing kayak with a trolling motor. So, what can a 92lb kayak with a 45lb thrust electric trolling motor do onRead More ⇒

Yesterday was the first day of The BC Boat and Sportsman Show in Abbotsford. Fridays are usually the slow day for a weekend show, but not yesterday. When the doors opened at noon there were hundreds of people lined up. We could barley even walk in our booth! This year we have 3 neverRead More ⇒

Whitewater in South West BC is gaining popularity every year. We are extremely proud to be Western Canada’s premiere whitewater store. With over 150 whitewater kayaks in stock we have the best selection of kayaks and gear in Canada. So if you want to know what the hottest whitewater gear for 2014 was, here itRead More ⇒

With such an extreme range of temperature and activity in our part of the world, you might come to a point this winter when you decide it’s finally time to trade your paddle for snowshoes, and put your canoe or kayak into hibernation until the spring thaw. a cover is almost always theRead More ⇒

The year is almost over, and what a year it was! Recreational Kayaking is continuing to grow, and accounts for the largest segment of sales here at WCK… Here is the list of hottest items for recreational kayakers in 2014! Recreational Kayak of the Year: This one was a no brainer, has been forRead More ⇒

It’s that time of year when some paddlers hang up their paddling gear and pull down the skis or snowboards. Taking a few extra minutes to properly store your paddling gear can save you money and heartache on that first day back on the water next spring. Here are a few easy steps to insureRead More ⇒

Check out these awesome pictures from some happy customers out enjoying their new kayaks. Just bought two Jackson Cuda 12 kayaks off of Laura in July. We are having great fun with them and thought we’d toss a few photo’s back your way. Laura is a gem and really helped us get into theRead More ⇒

2015 is going to be an exciting year for paddle sports, particularly stand up paddling and kayak fishing. While there were some cool new touring kayaks and recreational kayaks its obvious that most manufactures are focusing their resources on the two fastest growing segments in paddling, kayak fishing and sup! Here are some ofRead More ⇒

By Andrew Holota Generally electing to paddle wherever our whim or circumstances lead, as opposed to “destination” lakes, Heidi and I decided to change it up this summer, and picked Murtle Lake, billed as the largest paddle-only body of water in North America, which was one of the deciding factors. Murtle is in Wells Gray ProvincialRead More ⇒

Just got in some pictures form another happy new Hobie Pro Angler owner. Ian Railton sent us these pictures of reeling in some Sturgeon on the Fraser River. Were stoked you are enjoying you’r new kayaks, looking forward to some more pictures!

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Connect Kayaks - Winner Kayaks- Kayak For Sale - Single ...
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