White Water Ireland

September 22, 2017
White Water Rafting North West
Description The Annacloy river rises in the Dromara Hills and flows into Strangford Lough. Excellent paddling is had between Mason's bridge and Kilmore with regular and continuous rapids and weirs. Between Kilmore and Annacloy the river is quieter although there are still a couple of weirs. Below Annacloy the river calms down to Jane's Shore. Canoeing is not at present permitted below Jane's shore as entry to the Quoile Pondage Nature reserve is not permitted. There are at least 2 dangerous weirs between Raleagh and Rademon however they can be easily portaged.
Grade II (III)
Start Masons Bridge
Finish Raleagh Bridge
Access Points Masons Bridge GR: 406-513 Raleagh Bridge GR: 410-521 Kilmore GR: 448-509 Annacloy GR: 448-483 Jane's Shore GR: 487-464

Balinderry River

Running 8 kilometres from Corkhill Bridge to Cookstown. A small river with weirs at regular intervals. A bit overgrown in the upper parts.
Corkhill Bridge GR H734 792
Kings Bridge GR H812 765
Ardtrea GR H861 769 Jetty, Canoe Steps

Glenarm River

The Glenarm and Glendun rivers are spate mountain rivers with large drops and heavy rapids. They should not be undertaken lightly.
IV - V
Bryvore Bridge GR: 164-274 Access GR: 301-119

Glendun River

Glenelly River

Running Plumbride to the Owenkillew below Gortin. (See Owenkillew section for more details)from A heavy rainfall is needed to ensure a decent water level. Care should be taken with low trees.
Plumbridge GR H485914
Killymore Bridge GR H438 873
Corrick Bridge GR H450 886
Source: www.canoeni.com
White Stork regurgitating water
White Stork regurgitating water
Fashion from White Water Shopping Centre.flv
Fashion from White Water Shopping Centre.flv
Details and Reviews of White Water Caravan Club Site
Details and Reviews of White Water Caravan Club Site ...
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