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October 26, 2015
BOCC - Bridge to Bridge Resi

Outrigger canoe racing is a competitive sport that, due to the climate here in South-east Queensland, can be enjoyed nearly all year-round. The coming competition season for our OC6 (6-man outrigger) runs from about October thru to the following June, culminating with the OC6 Marathon National Titles in May and the Hamilton Island Cup in the beautiful Whitsundays in far-north Queensland in June.
We have a few sprint regattas in the South Queensland zone but most regattas are marathon events with distances ranging from 8km to 22km, or 43km for change-over races (Gold Coast Cup and Hamilton Island Cup).

We also have a well-contested race series for one-man (OC1) and two-man (OC2) outrigger canoes that runs from August to December each year, culminating with National Titles in December. This is mostly contested by paddlers with their own racing craft, but Brisbane Outrigger actively promotes and supports this series by enabling suitably experienced club members to train and compete on the clubs fleet of OC1 and OC2 canoes.

Why should I join Brisbane Outrigger Canoe Club (BOCC)?

BOCC has been around for more than 20 years, so we know what it takes to be a successful club. We have built a successful brand around our name with values like:

* integrity, fairness and ethical behaviour (on and off the water)
* a strong, competitive culture with respect for all levels of ability
* a demonstrated commitment to junior development in the sport
* a commitment to helping our members be the best that they can be

People come to paddling for different reasons. Some want to push their personal limits of endurance and ability and aim for a podium finish every time. That’s great, and our sponsors love it too. Some want to experience the thrill of paddling on the ocean and the camaraderie of team sports without the pressure to “eat the competition”. And some just want to come along for a social paddle, to be on the water with friends, going up and down the river and enjoying the more relaxed side of outrigging.

At BOCC we recognise the need to cater for all types of paddler. Make no mistake, we are a competitive club. We love to win, we aim to win and we do win!

But wins come in many forms. Seeing a crew of Under 12s doing their level best in a race, or seeing the excitement of a group of novice paddlers doing their first ocean race, or even listening to the happy chatter of a boat load of social paddlers returning from their “jolly” to the Storey Bridge are all “wins” as well.

When is the best time to join the club?

Like most sports, it takes time to get to a level of fitness and ability so you can get the most out of the racing season. It is important that we prepare our competition crews properly for the rigours of the racing season. This means we start focussed training during the pre-season (around August/September) so our members can gradually build on their fitness and technique.

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