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May 1, 2016
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Inflatable kayaks make ideal holiday craft being lightweight they are an easy way to get on the water with the advantage of coming in a small package that fits easily into the boot of a car and ideal for people with campervans. They are also brilliant if you are limited for space at home, either if you live in a flat or have no outdoor storage space.

Performance will not be the same as a solid boat, however well shaped kayaks like the Infinity range will perform well and usually have the option of a skeg for straight line stability. They are extremely stable even when fully loaded, so a good option for families and people a little unsure of the water.

Most reasonably priced inflatable kayaks are low pressure, so you can use a standard foot or stirrup pump to blow up. Generally most inflatable kayaks will have 3 chambers, which are quick and easy to pump up. They take around ten to fifteen minutes to be fully pumped up and ready to go on the water.

Quick Start Guide - Infinty Kayaks

To keep it all compact for storage you can get paddles that come apart into two or three pieces, one thing you need to make sure of is that they are long enough to allow for the width of the boat as most inflatables are fairly wide. A good example is the TNP 3 piece paddles.

Points to look for when choosing an inflatable kayak are:

  • Is it big enough for your requirements?
    Make sure there is enough room for people (especially leg room, for taller people) and anything else that you might be taking along say a picnic or maybe a dog.
  • Can I paddle a double by myself?
    Some double inflatable kayaks have seats that can be moved backwards or forwards, which means that if you want to go out by yourself you are able to move one of the seats to the centre to make paddling easier. Or adjust the trim if an adult is paddling with a child.
  • Is it suitable for what I want to do?
    Most of the Infinity Inflatable kayaks we stock are suitable for use on flat water, including canals, lakes, calm rivers and sea. They are not designed for rough seas or whitewater.
    We do supply some inflatable kayaks that are suitable for white water. These are commonly known as "Duckies". Call the shop for more information on rafts and whitewater inflatables.
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