Inflatable sit on Kayak

October 19, 2016
Removable deep tracking fin


Reviewed on line reviews, but none on this kayak, getting read to pull the trigger and purchase Field and Stream from Dicks, but went to Academy to purchase 40 cal. ammo . and saw this one. Field and Stream had lot of reviews, and most were good, but it was made overseas and the Emotions are all made in the USA. Inspected the only one they had at Academy, was of good quality no defects and appeared to be made better than Field and Stream. Foot rest design was better on the Emotions . Rigged out ... read more with two rod holders and one Scotty mid mount rod holder . Has center console, which can be taken out, with dry box to put cell phone in and wallet . Center console is adjustable and you can reach your rod from the sitting position . Milk will fit in stern on Emotions, will not fit on Field and Stream. Mojo is also lighter. You will still want to get cart, but get scupper cart, fits the kayak better ... Took the Mojo out twice, tracks well, easy to paddle, max mph 4.8 according to Gps. Not a speed demon but this is fishing kayak.. No hull slap, 32 in wide and stable and tracks extremely well . The only flaw I found with the Emotions Mojo is lack of bottom seat. .Second time out, five legal size redfish and one flounder., Catch and release only . 100 yards from the dock in Saltwater bayou. My recommendations is to buy one before the price goes up. At $579. this is a steal . Academy just started carrying this brand .Again made in USA.with 3 year warranty .


9 months ago

It is an great reliable kayak. Also, super stable!

I purchased my Emotion Mojo Angler about one year ago and it has taken me from fresh water, to the bay, all the way out into the open ocean !! I love the stability on this kayak, on a calm day I can even stand up with confidence. I have even taken my little brother with me, both on the kayak, with no problems! This kayak is great for a serious fisherman on a budget. It is also very hydrodynamic, I have been able to keep up with kayaks that have the mirage drive easily, it is fast. the kayak also ... read more comes with a center counsel that you can remove if you like, and a cool dry box to store lures, keys, etc. I have no regrets at all with this kayak.. Great product highly recommended!


Excellent all around boat

28"wide x 12'0" long, this is a great boat not just for entry level, but for any level. With the low center of gravity and the extended cockpit I use this boat on the Class II and Class III rivers. I did retro fit the canoe seat on top of the existing seat for additional comfort. Plenty of room either side for rods, plenty of room behind seat for gear. I wish OLD TOWN would have installed the webbing over the back well, otherwise it fishes well, tracks well, and it is a stable boat.

MO Fisherman

2 months ago

Great Kayak

Bought this last spring and fished in it 2-3 times a week, best money I ever spent! Great quality, super comfortable, and surprisingly lightweight. Old town's quality and warranty is 2nd to none.


2 years ago

Fun Kayak

I purchased this Kayak almost two years ago. Have been out in it many times and love it. I had a sit in Kayak first then decided to go with the sit on style. I like being able to get to all my gear and I stay cooler with the sit on. Just be sure to wear sunscreen or buy lightweight pants to keep from burning. Can't beat it for the quality and low price.


1 year ago

Sweet beginner kayak

Bought this as my first kayak. Love it for fishing! Tracks super well and fits a milk crate perfectly in the back.

Re-entering a Sit-On-Top Kayak
Re-entering a Sit-On-Top Kayak
Angler 4.0 fishing sit on top kayak,LLDPE Hull,no inflatable,
Angler 4.0 fishing sit on top kayak,LLDPE Hull,no inflatable,
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