Kayak Inflatable 2 person

May 9, 2016
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Gregory Rosenberger , Norristown, PA Verified Owner

Bought the 370 for wife n I to use. Been great n lot of fun . Very sturdy easy to set up n take down .No trailers or racks needed, always wipe down before deflating, 5 min later on your way home !Other people still trying to get yaks up on top of their cars . Very happy with this product !

Adam Swonger , Tampa, FL Verified Owner

Love my Sea Eagle 370, one of the best purchases I have ever made. I use it often for going fishing, and also just for joy riding. A few times I have used it for going beach camping and amazed with the amount of gear I can carry. It's a great boat very durable. I wish they made a drop stitch floor for the sea eagle 370


Elizabeth Griffin , Herriman, UT Verified Owner

My son and daughter in law were thrilled to receive the kayak. Unfortunately, they have not yet been able to try it out. They did set it up in their living room in Oregon and both of them got in it and assured me there is plenty of room. I'm sure they will like it. Being as it is off season and they are now in CO (where there is lots of SNOW) they may not be able to use it until spring.It was delivered at exactly the right time!! Thank you.

Don Stewart , Lakeland, FL Verified Owner

Very satisfied with the boat. We carry it inside our 5th wheel camper when we are on vacation so it is always handy.Is there a sea eagle boating group in Florida? It would be good to paddle with other sea eagle owners.Thanks Don Stewart

Douglas Brandau , Sterling, IL Verified Owner

I have enjoyed it very much, it is a nice boat. I love the portability of the craft, it easy to fold up and put it in my trunk. When I get to my destination, I get close to the water as possible with my car, take the boat to the edge of the water, unfold it, blow it up, pack it with my gear, and off I go. I am 68 years young, this craft is very easy for me to handle by myself, plus it gives me the opportunity to enjoy the water anywhere I wish to go. The boat is very stable on the water.

I thank Sea Eagle for making such a wonderful product.

Laura Orr , Huntingdon, PA Verified Owner

I bought this kayak for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. Even though they can't use it yet they inflated it to see what it was like. They were thrilled with it. The kayak is very sturdy with plenty of room to bring backpacks with them. I am excited to say that even my doubtful husband is impressed with it. My daughter and son-in-law are very excited to take it to the lake.I will keep you posted after they use it.

Diane Herbert , Auburn, GA Verified Owner

We are very happy with our SeaEagle 370. We first tried the shorter SeaEagle 330, but decided to go for the little bit longer 370, and we are happy that we did. It has extra room to bring dry bags with everything you need for a day's outing, and you certainly are not cramped. Our SeaEagle has enabled us to go places that we would never have been able to go otherwise, and we are fascinated that birds allow us to get much closer in the kayak than if we were walking on land. We are also happy that it has a very shallow draft (shallower than some other SeaEagle kayaks), which enables us to go in very shallow water and not get stuck on logs or branches that are not far below the surface of the water. We are looking forward to many more kayaking ventures in the coming months!

Westley Sala , Smithville, MO Verified Owner

Westley Sala's boat

We have had our SE 370 on three different lakes in Missouri and Arkansas. We were a little hesitant about the durability of the kayak fabric against dog claws until we unpacked the kayak and inflated it for the first time. We were very impressed with the fabric! Our 90 lb. lab and dachshund accompany us and fall asleep with their heads resting on the edge of the kayak while we are out on the water. We have met other Sea Eagle owners on our journeys and many times they stop to see what model we have and how we like our SE 370.

Funny story about our maiden voyage (minus the dogs). We put the seats in backwards so that we were actually rowing the kayak backwards and with the drain plug open! The kayak was a little unstable but not unmanageable. When we pulled the kayak back onto shore we realized the error of our ways and had a really good laugh. The kayak works extremely well when you have it going in the right direction and the two rear skegs can do their job.

Source: www.seaeagle.com
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