Sevylor Rio Inflatable Kayaks

November 6, 2016
Sevylor rio inflatable kayak

Best Uses: Rivers, lakes, fishing

Brand: Sevylor

Available At:

Number of Paddlers: 1

Stats: Length 9′ 10″, Width 3′ 1″, Weight 25 lbs, Load Capacity 350 lbs

Accessories Included: 1 flexible bucket seat, removable stern storage bag, nylon carrying bag, repair kit

Optional Accessories: 12-volt motor

Kayak Material: 18 gauge PVC

Pros: Works well with either canoe or kayak paddles, option of adding a small motor, convenient, very easy set up, comfortable, stable, rugged, light enough to easily carry, decent storage, paddle/oar holders

Cons: Tracking not so good, water tends to accumulate inside even with drain hole (if paddling through rapids)

More Detailed Info

The Sevylor Rio is a solo inflatable canoe that is best suited for recreational paddling and fishing. It has a great design which not only looks good but offers comfort as well as stability while paddling.

Most canoes are designed for two or more people and the Rio is one of the few solo models on the market. As such it is light weight and easy to carry. It is a very affordable option for anyone looking for a convenient and portable canoe that can go anywhere.

The Sevylor Rio works equally well paddled with a canoe paddle or with kayak paddles depending on your preference.

Grab Handles

This inflatable canoe has 4 grap handles. One at either end of the canoe as well as one on both sides of the canoe. The side grab handles make it very convenient to carry by yourself. Simply lift it over your head once it is inflated and carry to the water.


Although I am not always a big fan of Sevylor, I did find the Rio to be extremely comfortable. There is an inflatable cushion under the seat and the seat itself offers great back support as well as a zippered pouch in the back that can easily hold snacks or little accessories. The seat also has two convenient water bottle holders.

I found there to be ample leg room and althought the pontoon sides are fairly wide I did not find that my hands or arms rubbed them when I paddled the canoe with kayak paddles.


Valves tend to differ on different inflatable kayaks. Typically the more expensive models will have far better valves. The Sevylor Rio is very affordable and a couple of the reasons it is able to charge such a little amount is because it is made overseas and some of the parts are cheaper. This is the case with the valves.

Verde River @ 625cfs in my Sevylor Rio
Verde River @ 625cfs in my Sevylor Rio
Verde River @ 625 cfs In my Sevylor Rio- 2nd video
Verde River @ 625 cfs In my Sevylor Rio- 2nd video
Sailing Inflatable Kayak - Sevylor SVX500DS SVX200DS u230
Sailing Inflatable Kayak - Sevylor SVX500DS SVX200DS u230
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