Chesapeake Bay Kayak Fishing

August 6, 2016
Striped bass, Chesapeake bay

Kayak Fishing Flint River GeorgiaThe nominations and voting were open worldwide, but we only received nominations for kayak fishing locations in the United States. So to be fair to the rest of the world, here are the results for the top 10 kayak fishing locations in the USA.

#10 - Flint River, Georgia

Photo credit: Chris Funk

Western Georgia's Flint River gets its name from the flint stones found along the banks. Between its urban beginning and reservoir ending, the Flint’s watershed drains some 8, 460 square miles. The 344 mile long river flows south from the upper Piedmont region south of Atlanta to the wetlands of the Gulf Coastal Plain in the southwestern corner of the state through the cities of Jonesboro, Thomaston, Montezuma, Marshallville, Cordele, Americus, Albany, and Bainbridge.

Kayak Fishing Tampa BayWhile shoal bass can be found anywhere on the upper Flint, the stretch between Gay and Thomaston offers the best habitat in the state for these fish. There is fine fishing to be found for other species of fish. The flat water sections contain good numbers of largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, shell cracker, and both channel and flathead catfish.

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#9 - Tampa Bay, Florida

Photo credit: Bill Howard

Tampa Bay is a large natural harbor along the Gulf of Mexico on the west central coast of Florida, comprising Hillsborough Bay, Old Tampa Bay, Middle Tampa Bay, and Lower Tampa Bay. Florida's largest open-water estuary, extending over 400 square miles, it boasts some of the best inshore fishing anywhere in the state. Freshwater sources of the bay are distributed among over a hundred small tributaries, with the Alafia, Manatee and Little Manatee, as well as the largest in the Hillsborough River dumping freshwater into the bay, where it mixes with the salt water of the Gulf or Mexico. These rivers also provide warm water havens for the inshore species during the colder winter months.

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Chesapeake Bay Kayak Striper fishing
Chesapeake Bay Kayak Striper fishing
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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Kayak Fishing
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