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July 12, 2017
Paddle in the Heart of the

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The Florida Keys are set up unlike anywhere in the world. In some areas one can take a Kayak and literally disappeared in the nature of it all just 100 yards from the road. Throw a professional fishing guide in the mix and now you have a fishing adventure you will not forget..

Guided Kayaking trips, tours and rentals are not new to the Florida Keys. You can find them anywhere you look. However Guided Kayak fishing charters are very rare and even more so are guided fishing charters on Kayaks with Professional Flats fishing guides that really know their way to some of the most untouched waters for fishing an angler could imagine. They also know how to catch the fish that live there.

There are different types of guided Kayak fishing charters for the Kayaking enthusiast. There are some that are strategically located for good fishing grounds that make it possible for them to leave from shore. Others go out on a boat to a remote destination to take you to the fish in the backcountry with multiple boats to let you paddle to your query. Obviously the Power boat taking you to the grounds to let you Kayak will be your most expensive yet probably more productive way to go.
Kayak Advantage

It does not take a professional fishing guide to understand the advantages of a Kayak fishing an area. First lets look at the draft, only 3 inches, now that really opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the super skinny water fisherman. Looking at the propulsion you can see that the Kayak is the most stealthy way to fish the flats, no noise is Key. Cover more area while you fish too as there are more than one of you working an area separately this offers the soloist a wonderful day on the water. I can think of no better way to sneak up on a tailing permit or bonefish.

Different Types of Kayaks

Kayaks and Canoes are the chosen tools of the trade. The boats that the guides use are specially outfitted for fishing from them with rod holders drink holders and places to put some limited tackle. They are very stable, an advanced Kayaker can actually stand up and fish if their balance is good. Some Kayaks offer an outrigger for added stability. Ask your perspective Kayaking Guide what kind of Boats he has and how his particular operation works, also tell him if you have any special needs.

Source: www.fishingfloridakeys.com
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