Kayak boats for Fishing

April 9, 2017
How to Kayak Fish
By John Williams

Kayaks are Stealthy: No matter how you slice it, a kayak is quieter and less noticeable to fish than any boat – even poling skiffs! Not having a trolling motor makes you kayak quieter. Even the pressure of the bow of your boat creating a small ripple will give fish in shallow water a serious case of lockjaw. A kayak can slip into any size pond and the fish won’t even know you’re there! To make your kayak even more stealthy, adhere stealth rubber to every spot on your boat that you lay paddles, Plano boxes and rods.

Kayaks offer better casting angles:
When fishing from a motor boat, most of your casts are perpendicular to the bank and your lure swims from shallow water to deep. With a kayak you can gain a major advantage by placing your kayak right on the marsh grass. Then you can cast up the grass line and retrieve along the grass. This keeps your lure in the “red zone” for much more time than the typical boat cast. Also throw out into open water and retrieve back to your kayak that’s placed on the shoreline. This swims the lure from deep to shallow which is the instinctual way that bait fish typically avoid hungry predators. Turning the tables on casting angles makes a huge difference in catch rate.

Kayaks are comfortable: Today’s modern fishing kayaks have comfortable seats that make you feel like you’re fishing out of an easy chair all day long. Catching fish is more fun in a kayak: Hook into a 24 inch Redfish with a kayak underneath you, and you’re off on the “Cajun Sleigh Ride”. Hook the same Redfish in a motorboat and you horse the fish into the boat in less than a minute. Fish just feel bigger when you are catching them out of a kayak. The fish may completely circle your boat during their initial runs – giving you that adrenaline filled out of control feeling that make fishing so much fun. That “man vs. nature” feeling is so apparent when you have a big fish throwing mud and water up on you and over you as you struggle to gain the upper hand.

Source: packpaddle.com
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