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October 1, 2016
Water sport kayak 11'ft
Is a company that is devoted to prolonging the life of your canoe. Boat Bags are durable covers (see pics below) that protect the hull of your canoe from the elements. We now offer them to you in two different fabric choices (more on this later.) Previous owners attest to less darkening and aging of Kevlar, less oxidation on fiberglass, less drying of Royalex, shiny surfaces being maintained, less wear on wood canvas, and a higher resale value... proving bags are worth the cost. Bags are excellent against ultraviolet damage and the effects of the environment. The bag will experience some wear and tear but better the bag get beat up than your boat. Face it, your boat is your baby. Take care of it.


The Bag Lady also makes paddle covers too. (More info below)

No one has been able to equal the workmanship and durability of covers from the Bag Lady. Bag Lady Boat Bags fit snuggly and are car-toppable. Our unique closure system ensures a great fit.

The Bag Lady has been producing bags for all the major companies, including all WENONAH models, Savage River, Crozier, Ranger, Bourquin, Corbin, Bell Canoes, Mad River, Old Town, Clipper, Lincoln, Souris River, Boatworks, SWIFT, Bob' Special, Island Falls, QCC, and now etc, etc. If it's out there, we have likely made it. We also can lovingly cover your hand-crafted model of canoes or kayak as well. If your manufacturer is not listed, give us a call we may be able to help you. We now have TWO FABRIC CHOICES FOR YOU. Click the link that follows to learn more about the two. we have received-all unsolicited and uncompensated.

A CUSTOM BAG! by The Bag Lady will extend the life of your boat and make you and it very happy. Call 860-456-4906 days, or email for prices. Overstocks/blems see the IN STOCK TAB TO THE LEFT

Paddle bags: Canoe or Kayak (breakdown or one-piece)

The Bag Lady also makes the best paddle bag in the business. Each bag is made of Polar Fleece (coated nylon also available) from that great manufacturer in the East who was the originator of Polar Fleece-by contract we can't say their name. The bag closes with a drawstring, has an adjustable carrying strap and small hanger from which it can hang. Most importantly, each bag will carry two paddles. The paddles are lovingly protected by a barrier of Vellux velour which divides the bag. Bags come in a black, royal blue, purple, and a variety of other colors which vary from time to time. Cost is $45.00 for bent shaft paddle up to 54 inch length, slightly more for straight shaft paddles (specify length), and $45.00 on depending on options for breakdown kayak paddles. Fleece colors vary, call for color choices. Many in stock. Bags that hold multiple paddles 3+ can also be constructed.

Paddle bags can also be made of nylon coated or WeatherMax fabric if you wish. Just let us know and we will gladly help. Call for Kayak Paddle pricing varies by need and size.

Tiller and rudder bags for your sailboat are also available if you wish. The Bag Lady will be happy to help with your custom project, heck, she recently did a Golf Cart! Did you see the Tractor Bag at the top of the home page- see link. Won't try that again!

Source: www.waterworkscanoe.com
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