Kayak Paddle Grips

December 30, 2014
The super cheapskate emergency

The Yakgrips - Kayak Paddle Grips have the cushiest feel and follow the actual curve of your hands to reduce fatigue, prevent blisters and calluses. Yakgrips - Kayak Paddle Grips ease the pressure on your palms and tendons of your hands so you can get a good grip on your paddle for more efficient paddling. You'll appreciate them even more for those aggressive bouts of paddling. Yakgrips are also very easy to install. For 2-piece paddles just wet the inside of the Yakgrips - Kayak Paddle Grips and slide on. The inner gripping design will keep them where you put them. If you want to remove them put some water under them and on the paddle shaft and pull them off. For one-piece paddles a Velcro version is available. Yakgrips - Kayak Paddle Grips can be left on so that they are ready for your next journey.

• Prevents Blisters and calluses

• Gives you a better grip for more efficient paddling

• Soft & comfortable

• Reduce fatigue on long paddling trips

• Sold as a pair

Size/Color Part Number UPC
Black - Velcro CCK2493 069
Black - Slip on CCK2490 014
Blue - Velcro CCK3761 137
Blue - Slip on CCK3437 021
Blue Wave - Slip on CCK2781 090
Orange - Slip on CCK2492 007
Red - Velcro CCK3710 144
Red - Slip on CCK3436 045
Yellow - Slip on CCK2491 052
Source: www.austinkayak.com
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