Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide

February 8, 2017
Kayak paddle sizing guide aqua

Choosing a canoe paddle length is a fairly straight forward formula. Sit in a chair and measure from your chair seat to your nose. Add this number to the height of your canoe seat, then add the length of the paddle blade.

An even simpler formulas is this, 56 to 58 inch lengths fits 80% of all whitewater canoeist. If you are in a open canoe with a taller seat or have a long torso you may want to consider a longer length 60 to 62 inch paddle. Paddlers with shorter torsos may prefer a 52 or 54 inch paddle.

While oar length is largely a matter of personal taste, we can help you wade through some of the specifications you should consider including boat type and size, gear and passenger load, water classification, skill level, and your preferences as the oarsperson. Call us and we'll help you choose the oar that's right for you. You may want to consider oar extenders to make your options more flexible.

Source: www.nrs.com
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