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August 12, 2013
2014 Scottish National Scout
lendal paddle rangeLendal Paddles were first designed and made by Olympic paddler Alastair Wilson, and named after the Ayrshire village of Lendalfoot where he learnt to kayak. The brand had a well deserved reputation for quality, design and innovation.

After a brief period of American ownership, the Lendal brand is now back in the UK and owned by Nigel Dennis of SKUK. Lendal paddles will now be sold under the Celtic Paddles name but incorporate the well known Kinetik, Nordkapp and Archipelago blades and Paddlok system.

Celtic Classic RangeCeltic Classic Range

The Celtic Classic range is designed for the beginner to intermediate paddler. Paddles are available with the Classic Carbon shaft or fibreglass shaft, and the Kinetik blades are manufactured from SF (Glass Polymer) and N12 (Nylon). One year guarantee.

Celtic Pro RangeCeltic Pro Range

Designed for the intermediate to advanced paddler who wants a light, strong paddle. The Celtic Pro Range are available with rolled technology carbon shafts and Kinetik carbon blades. Two year guarantee.

Paddles by piece

Browse paddles by their split:

Paddles by blade

Browse paddles by their blade:

Custom Paddles

If you are looking for a cranked shaft, Nordkapp or Archipelago blades or any other variation then use our custom paddle ordering service

lendal paddle shaft lendal blades modified crank paddle sizing
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