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July 4, 2017
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Submitted by: becjyaya

Rating: 9 of 10

Seasense X-Treme II Kayak paddle - I bought this paddle for an affordable entry level/beginner paddle. Compared several other cheap paddles, I love this one! It is light, smaller shaft size than some is nice for smaller hands, comes with foam grips and is adjustable. I recommend it.
Submitted by: ArtSpeed

Rating: 10 of 10

Y'know, having tried some really nice (translation: Expen$ive!) paddles, I have to say that for $25 at, this has to be THE best value in a kayak paddle you'll ever find. Yes, the SeaSense X-II is a bit on the long side at 96", but for a 6'4" guy like me in our Malibu Pro Tandem, it's perfect; even my wife at 5'11" likes it better than her older 86" paddle - I thought I'd be shortening the X-II for her, but she's happy with it as is. I even bought a third one as a spare; I mean, for 25 measly bucks, why not?? So unless you're really an "ultimate gear" freak or a super-serious kayaker with a carbon-fibre fixation, get one of these babies, you'll love it!
Submitted by: kocho I bought this paddle sight unseen from Walmart on the advice of these nice review below. One thing that differentiates me from most of the other reviewers of this paddle is that I had taken the time to learn about proper paddle length and correct stroke technique. At the original length of 96" this paddle is ridiculously long for anyone who is less than 7 feet tall and will use it in any kayak that is less than 35" inches wide (a barge basically).

I am 6'4" and my kayak is 22" wide and by most measures I need a paddle that is about 220cm long. I will not go into details but that is not the overall length (blade to blade end) but the effective length of a hypothetical paddle of certain blade dimensions. For this particular paddle, to achieve an effective 220cm length the overall length has to be actually a little less and closer to 215cm. This is due to the fact that the blades are not thin and long but somewhat wide and short (average I'd say) and good for active paddling with medium height stroke (as opposed to very low angle stroke).

So, by removing some lengths from both ends and reattaching the blades back with the same type of rivet used originally, I shortened the paddle to have a shaft of the same length as my primary paddle - the 220cm Epic mid-wing paddle. The original paddle was 243cm overall length and it is now just over 215cm overall length (but the equivalent of a 220cm narrow-bladed paddle).

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