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September 11, 2016 : The Kayak Wing

By C.S.K. -

I was about to buy the Yakima Big Stack since I have three Kayaks, but after speaking to a Yakima service she pointed this beauty out to me. I had concerns that the Big Stack would be a bit difficult to load due to it's nature and my ability to reach across the roof of my car. Once the rep explained to me that these function as a J cradle AND a stacker I was sold. You can hold one kayak in the J position, and you can hold two kayaks with this in the 'stacker position, one will rest in the cradle, and the other will stack vertically on the opposite side. Perfect for what I wanted, I was told that I could hold three kayaks with this, but after reading through all the instructions on the Yakima website I decided to purchase two. They load with ease in the J position, there is a little bit of a reach issue when strapping a kayak in the vertical position, but that's why I bought two, so I only have to stack one. Most days I only only plan on having one or two of the kayaks on the car, so this was the perfect solution. Built solid, comes with straps for ONE kayak only, VERY easy to install, the instructions are very clear, so long as you can follow pictures. The ramp on the front makes getting the kayak into the cradle a breeze. I am very glad I made this purchase.

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By DTrot - -

I looked at a lot of racks online and read a million reviews before I bought this. Lots of cheap stuff out there some people trust that's real cheap, but I'm not putting my yaks on some crap and hoping they don't fall off. After researching a while, I found that the JayLow would probably work best for me. I just carried a big tandem with it 53 miles at high speed in the J-bar position. It didn't move at all. I look forward to trying it out upright with 2 kayaks. It's built solid, so I'm confident it'll work well. Installing the JayLow was very easy too. Less than 5 minutes. Yakima nailed this design. Very user friendly.
Fairhope, AL

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By David Schaffer -

These are Heaven on earth. So frustrated with my Malone uprights I just started shoving my yaks in the back of my Suburban and tying the back down - one time. So I was going to store all ready to get Thule haul-a-hulls. Then I saw the JayLows: 1. They fold. 2. They lock (with optional cores). 3. $50 bucks cheaper than the Thule folding Jays.
Took me about 15 minutes, at night, to install each set. Saw a YouTube video on getting your kayak onto roof - leverage them on the side of your car between the cradles. Took me literally five minutes to get them on and cradled. Just a test run-before I went to work. Five minutes did not include time for strapping 'em down. But that ramp is ingenious - no falling Kayaks. O.K. Can't wait for the weekend to test these babies on the road.

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By Kathy E. Lindsay -

In July 2014 we purchased these Yakima Jaylow Carriers for use with our Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T kayak and according to the Wilderness, this kayak weighs 73 lbs. Also, I need to explain that I am experienced in loading and transporting kayaks.
On Sept. 3, 2014; both Yakima Jaylow carriers failed while carrying our tandem kayak at highway speed. Thankfully we noticed in the rear view mirror that our kayak had moved, was flopping around and thankfully we were able to get off the road before an accident occurred. Fortunately no accident, loss of life or damaged property occurred.
On both Jaylow units the bottom hard plastic base broke near the end tongue area (one much worst that the other). This is either a design flaw or an example of understrength materials being used in manufacturing. I can find no weight limitations on the Yakima web site for this unit, and surely it should be able to handle a common 73 lb. kayak.
I am very disappointed and will not be purchasing an other Yakima products.
At a friends recommendation, I notified Yakima in October and was told that they were aware of the problem, had corrected it and would be replacing my defective units. It is now December 1. I'm still waiting. I'm withholding final judgement. " while I breath, I hope."

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Kayak Carrier | SportRack ABR511 J-Stacker
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