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September 7, 2016
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We rent 17 foot aluminum canoes that can fit three adults, the person in the middle does not have a seat.

We provide life jackets, paddles and floatation cushions. We start our day at 8:30 and ask that they return the canoes by 4:30. Gulf Coast will ticket you if you do not have a whistle and we have them for sale in the gift shop. We do rent for as many days or nights as you would like and we do rent all the way to Flamingo.

We have the lowest cost for canoe rentals: $38.00 a day 4 Hour rental: $28.00 2 Hour rental: $20.00.

Shuttle service to/from Flamingo-Gulf Coast Everglades City
For those who want to paddle the 99 mile Wilderness Waterway, we are offering shuttle service to or from Flamingo to Gulf Coast- Everglades City with rental of one of our canoe's or kayak's. We will drop off or pick up canoe/kayak and two passengers for $345.00 plus tax and rental fees.

You must be at pick up location by no later than 2:00 because it is a total of an 8 hour trip for the driver. 3 hours driving time one way.

Credit Card number will be held as security for lost or missing equipment.
Canoe Reservations cannot reserve more than one canoe at a time.

Kayak Rental

We rent both single and tandem kayaks, they are sit in pongo’s. We start our day at 8:30 and require that daily rental be returned by 4:30. We do rent over night for as many nights as you would like including going all the way to Flamingo. The cost is: Single kayaks $45.00 per day 2 or more days $35.00 per day. Tandem kayaks $55.00 per day 2 or more days $45.00. We provide paddles and life vest and Rangers may ticket you for no whistle, so they are for sale in our gift shop.

Source: www.evergladesnationalparkboattoursgulfcoast.com
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