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July 25, 2016
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Kayaking in Kaneohe, Hawaii: the Sand Bar; Sunken Island; Chinaman’s Hat

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Kaneohe Bay offers pristine kayaking waters full of marine life and vast coral reef systems. For those who want to explore a different part of Oahu by kayak, Kaneohe offers protected waters, opportunities for snorkeling, with islands and sand bars to land on. China man’s Hat (or Mokoli’i in Hawaiian) is a 200ft tall landmark island in Kaneohe Bay and can be kayaked via short paddling trip. Kailua Beach Adventures (KBA) will outfit you with a free rack to transport your rental kayak to Kaneohe Bay. The Sand Bar a.k.a. The Sunken Island or Disappearing Island is the main attraction and may only appear at low tide so call ahead for tide-chart information. This sand bar has been called the Atlantis of Hawaii and creates a turquoise oasis in the middle of the ocean. The sandbar is a football sized expanse of sand that is a favorite destination for sailboats and kayakers and “disappears” again as the tide comes in.

Kayak Rentals in Kaneohe, HI

There are no outfitters in Kaneohe, so rental kayaks should be picked up at our shop in Kailua for trips to the sand bar. We provide the rack for your car for free that should fit on all cars and wont damage your rental. A full day kayak rental is recommend for this trip. The Sandbar will only appear at or around low tide- please refer to the Kaneohe Tidal Predictions to plan your trip. Hawaii offers a lot of opportunities for kayak exploration; let us set you up for the kayak trip that’s right for you.

Source: www.kailuasailboards.com
Kayaking Kailua Oahu, Hawaii 2014 GoPro
Kayaking Kailua Oahu, Hawaii 2014 GoPro
Oahu Kayak Rental Video, Hawaii Beach Time serving
Oahu Kayak Rental Video, Hawaii Beach Time serving ...
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