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April 21, 2016
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Groups save money when you have 1 person paying for the group. Call 805-617-3425 to reserve and learn more!

Convenient and Affordable

Our equipment is dockside or beachside ready to go and our rates are the best in town. Everywhere else charges you for time you don't use, we only charge you for EXACTLY how long you are on the water.

RFID Wristbands (pay only for the time you use)

Using modern RFID proprietary software, we track the amount of time you are on the water to the minute. All rentals start with a minimum 1 hour, then any additional time will be charged on a per minute basis. Only pay for what you use. Each rental is buffered with enough time to get to the equipment and get on the water, so you're not paying for the walk to the beach.

Lockers and Changing Rooms

The Paddle Sports Center is a full­ service rental and membership center. You can place your belongings in lockers ($2/day) and use our changing rooms to get ready. We also have a warm shower out back to rinse off with (please conserve water)

Best Gear in Town

We travel around the US and the world and rent paddle boards and kayaks and we are always surprised by the run down gear that people rent. At The Paddle Sports Center we rent high quality and comfortable gear that makes your experience that much better!

We offer a wide variety of Stand­-Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s), Kayaks, surfboards & gear for rental. We pride ourselves on the quality of our gear, expertise of the various Paddle Sports, and the general stoke of what spending time on the ocean can provide to our lives. We have equipment to fit every shape, size, and experience level. Our staff spend hundreds of days on the ocean perfecting their skills, so please don’t hesitate and ask questions.

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