Ocean Kayak Caper Review

February 14, 2017
Best Sit On Top Kayak - Ocean

At just 11 feet (3.3m) long and 45lbs (20.4kg) the Caper is short and light by fishing kayak standards. Constructed from linear, medium density polyetheylene the Standard Caper as tested here is available in ten different colours, ours being Sunset. The Angler version complete with flush mount rod holders and heavy duty fittings is available in two colours. The maximum weight capacity of both models is 275-325lbs (124.7-147kg) depending on sea conditions.

The top side of the hull has a large deep moulded tankwell with two self-bailing scupper holes for drainage, an elasticated bungee is provided to contain larger items. Directly in front of the tankwell is the moulded seat with a width of 31" (78.8cm) and two scupper holes to the rear, an aftermarket seat with accessory bag is fitted to our Caper which is a must if you intend to spend much time paddling or fishing, this is attached via the webbing straps directly behind the seat area which clip onto the rear of the seat, from the back rest two straps then fix to the kayak accessory eyes at the front via brass snap links.

Immediately in front of the seat is a circular recess to accommodate the optional 6" screw in hatch with cat bag, it's worth noting that this bag is not a dry bag, and the hatch may let in a very small amount of water, so vulnerable items will need to be kept in waterproof containers if placed inside. Around the top edge of the cockpit are eight accessory eyes, four on each side.

Forward of the hatch is a cupholder!

A flatish area runs from the cupholder up to the raised front deck, either side of which there are a set of moulded-in footwells giving a comfortable paddling position. Two more scupper holes are set in front of the last set of footwells.

Source: www.anglersafloat.co.uk
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