Ocean Kayak Drifter

November 26, 2017
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- and they are going to make it again: Ocean Kayak had better to keep this mold well stored cause, as it happened with the Scupper models, they will need to revisit one of the best all around kayaks ever made on the 12' range by this company that seems not to find some level of standardization for their final quality control, they make excellent kayaks mixed with some horribly finished ones.

tons of them but here goes one to say it all: you go & try to flip her...harder, try harder, nothing yet? you still on her? IT'S A DRIFTER!!! Stability is the drifter's main feature along with an excellent cockpit layout, tank well doesn't fit a standard milk crate but there are several other options for gear junkies.

Forward hatch is enormous to say the least and comes with one of the best hatch cover OK ever made, it's easily accessible when on the water with plenty of room for goodies and/or fishing stuff.

Speed is good, more than good considering the width of this booty lady, she is not intended to be a racing kayak but keeps a nice pace if you know what are you doing.

If you can find a zero mile model it'll probably come with two flush mount rod holders angled for trolling which is a plus for storage & trolling techniques.

Have read the Drifter is a wet ride, scuppers, thick pad under the seat, etc. I wouldn't go there, for better or for worse these craft are designed with an optimization of possibilities, adding stuff jeopardizes balance & performance. When in cold weather some waders will keep you dry & safe, warmer picture in place, who cares for a wet behind?

In days that money is lean the OK Drifter is a good chance of having a good, safe & versatile craft for shooting the breeze, fishing & diving, even surfing for which she is no shy.

Might be a bit on the awkward side to handle due to her width, other than that I don't see any other downside.

Source: www.paddling.net
Ocean Kayak Products
Ocean Kayak Products
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