Ocean Kayak Tetra

April 17, 2016
2015 Camo
This is my 3rd fishing kayak. I paid $450 for it brand new from a friend who won it in a tournament. Overall I like it. I'm 6'1 and 220lbs and it does fine with me. It is a little wet in sloppy seas but then again, it's a piece of plastic in the water. Rod pod is great, front hatch is also great. I set it up with a Lowrance fishfinder and a Precision Pak crate in the back and it is awesome. When I troll, two or three rods is not an issue. It is fast and easily maneuverable in choppy seas. Plenty of cargo storage in the back although the very back is tough to get to while on the water. Seat is also good but I added an extra cushion. I've had this kayak for a year or so and my only complaint is that it isn't extremely stable but it makes up for it in other aspects. If interested, my Youtube channel (Fishinmission2601) has a full video review on it and has videos of fishing in it. At first, I thought the kayak was a mistake because I'm a big guy and the kayak was a little small. I have adapted and it has been great ever since. Never tipped it (knock on wood) and I consistently fish in 2' chop on an open bay. Overall, good kayak but I would NOT pay full retail for it.
Submitted by: Jon_Savage

Rating: 9 of 10

This is my first kayak - I've had it just over a month and am overall delighted with it. I generally get out 3-5 times a week or more for at least a couple of hours & thus far the kayak has behaved very well both in open water even with severe crosswind/swell/chop & of course sublime in the back bay.

It is quite stable although will capsize if you exceed its COG. It can hold a ton of gear which is a good thing when undecided as to whether to fish, free dive, or just paddle.

I'd prefer a few more padeyes & also place to park my paddle on both sides of the boat; easily rectified will be adding both soon. The rodpod is great- easy stowage of rods & assorted tackle for surf entry/exits. Both hatches seal very well; the boat stays dry inside apart from condensation.

As compared to my wife's Tarpon 12 it is several inches less beamy, more nimble & a good bit lighter to carry. She's not the speediest boat in the world but 3 knots is super comfortable to cruise at even in less than optimal conditions.

Rating: 6 of 10

The Ocean Kayak Tetra 12 Angler is a good choice for an angler who is looking for a sit on top boat. It's narrow width makes paddling easier than the wider 12 foot kayaks, and it's light weight makes it a lot easier that most to put on and take off a vehicle's roof. The modular fishing pod in the center console open up easily and makes for easy to access storage and a handy mount for the included Scotty rod holder. Measuring your catch is made easy with the built in ruler on the pod's cover. Ocean Kayak makes it easy to add an accessory rudder with mounting holes provided at the stern.
Submitted by: petemoss

Rating: 8 of 10

I have owned this kayak for about a year now. I actually really like this kayak as a general purpose boat and for fishing.
  • Pros:
  • It is much more convenient to get in and out of than my sit-in kayak.
  • It has lots of options for storing and accessing gear. I am able to store my kayak cart in the front hatch, clothes in the center, and tackle and a cooler in the rear.
  • The rod-pod is great. It offers a great place to mount a rod holder. It has a built in cup holder. You can even use the mounting holes to add a sonar. Plus it give you quick access to the inside of the kayak, wherein you can store your rods. This can be especially nice if you are launching or landing in the surf and don't want to risk rolling and snapping your rods.
  • The sit-on-top design is much more open, which lets you enjoy the weather around you more.
  • It is much easier to exit and re-enter than a sit-inside kayak.
  • It is much easier to re-enter from the water as well, though it is also easier to fall out of.
  • Very well made boat, top notch construction.


  • The boat is kind of small (low column) for its length. This causes a couple of issues.
  • It is only moderately stable.
  • It doesn't have enough freeboard. If I leave my scupper stoppers out, then water will flood up through the scuppers into the footwell area to a depth of about one-half inch. It may not do this with a smaller paddler. I am 185 lbs.
  • The boat weathercocks (turns into the wind) pretty badly.
This is a fine boat that should serve anyone well if they are looking for a fishing/general purpose kayak. I really am impressed with the construction of the Ocean Kayak boats. However, if I were to do it again, I would probably buy a slightly larger model, probably from Ocean Kayak. I would also strongly consider getting the add-on rudder to help with the weathercocking issue.
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