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November 8, 2014
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You want to enjoy a day out with your friend or partner but you only have one kayak. What do you do? You use the best tandem kayak of course. Tandems are designed with two cockpits to let two people use the boat at the same time. It is the perfect solution for individuals who enjoy kayaking with others but don’t want to haul around two or more ‘yaks.

Top Tandem Kayaks Comparison

Choosing the right one is also a good way of introducing children or other individuals to the sport. You can even remove the seats to let your beloved dog sit or lay down comfortably inside the ‘yak while you paddle around the lake.

Adjustable foot pegs for different sized paddles are also included. While adjusting the foot pegs is quite easy the shorter paddler should ideally be in the back seat.

The Pelican Pursuit 140T Kayak canoe comes with a rear bungee, two paddle holders, and a 5 inch semi waterproof hatch at the front. The paddle holder features paddle tie downs which is a nice addition that will help keep you from losing your paddles.

With regards to maneuverability, the drop down skeg helps kept e rear from wriggling and is design to turn only when the two paddler have the same stroke. This is an exploring kayak so no fishing accessories or add-ons are included, not like the fishing kayaks made for anglers, but it does have two handy pivots to keep your water bottles when kayaking.

Considered one of the top tandem kayaks from Old Town, the Twin Heron was designed for outdoors families looking for a versatile water craft. It features a removable front seat that affords extra storage space and quick access to gear when needed and will allow a dog to ride along comfortably.

The most intriguing thing about the Twin Heron is the Auto Trim, hull design that prevents bow lift when a solo paddle is seated in the kayak’s rear seat.

The Twin Heron is also equipped with Old Towns new Glide Track foot braces system; an intuitive, easily accessible adjustment system that includes contoured foot pegs with an asymmetrical design that cradles the foot.

You do not have to worry about comfort, safety and ease of maneuvering as this kayak is equipped with cushioned seats, thigh pads and a rudder. The carry handles, paddle holder deck bungee and cup holder are just a few of the convenient features included in the canoe.

Check out this video and the below tips to help you out:

  • Think about the weight: Tandems are quite heavy since they so the work of two solo boats. You should look for a kayak made from lighter material such as composite. Another option is to invest in a shorter tandem. While this may affect stability, it should not be a problem if you are experienced paddler.
  • More control or less? – It is harder to maneuver a tandem since it would normally be longer than a solo kayak. The rudder is an optional feature in most kayaks but it is an “almost must have” on a tandem to make it easier for you and your partner to control the kayak.
  • Who will use it: If you plan to paddle the tandem boat with a child, then you may have to ensure that the cockpit is not too deep so that the child can paddle with ease. If you intend to bring a pet, then removable seats are recommended.
  • Sit-in or sit-on-top? The choice will depend on you skill level. Sit-on-top kayaks are extremely easy to use and a safe way to spend time on water. This is unlike sit-in canoes where training to deal with capsizes, getting in and out of Eskimo Rolls are essential for safe use.

Tandems kayaks tend to be heavier and longer than solo canoes. You can make small weight savings by choosing a boat made of lighter material such as fiberglass or choose a shorter kayak, but this will come at the expense of stability. Definitely check out additional kayak reviews and tandem kayak reviews for detail specs and recommendations.

Source: kayakcritic.net
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