Ocean Kayak VS lake Kayak

January 28, 2015
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Best for easy transport and storage with the performance of a hard-shell boat.

Modular kayaks are as durable as a regular polyurethane kayak, but they quickly snap apart into 2-3 sections for easy transportation and handling by 1 person. The sections will fit in the back of most SUVs.

Modulars come in day touring, recreational and sit-on-top designs.

For occasional shipmates, buy a second cockpit section to turn your boat into a tandem (you can even add a third seat).

Sit-on-Top Kayaks

Best for recreational use in warm climates.

Sit-on-tops are great fun for kids, beginners or swimmers. They have a sealed hull and molded depressions on top for sitting. It's easy to get on and off of one whether you are on a dock, shore or in the water.

The seats are above water level so these boats are typically wider (and slower) than traditional kayaks. With a wider hull, sit-on-tops are generally more stable, making them a good fishing, swimming or diving base. Self-bailing drain holes add to the convenience.

Sit-on-tops are especially popular in warm climates. They’re less comfortable for cool locations because your body is exposed to the elements.

Size-wise, they hold single, double or more passengers. Some even have bulkheads and storage wells. Typically they are from 10 to 15 feet in length. Most are made of plastic.

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