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August 12, 2016
You may find a bit of paradise

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Cirrus - 17.5' x 22" ( 5, 33 x 0, 558m)

The inspiration to build the ultimate hard chine, stitch and glue kayak was all too easy. To instill a plywood kayak with some of the nice characteristics of its wood strip cousins took some creative tweaking but the effort paid off and I just couldn't be happier with the cruiser that was born.
Fast and agile hull form was necessarily at the top of my list of "must have's", however, bending flat plywood to an efficient kayak proved quite a challenge. The solution came by starting with a fast round hull as a template and forming the plywood plates with multiple stations to impart an optimal shape to the hull. As a result, the area/displacement ratio (efficiency factor) of the Cirrus indeed puts some of the well known wood strip designs to shame. This kayak IS fast and holds its course straight like an arrow !
The hard chine on the Cirrus begins and ends well above the waterline, giving it the curvature to turn the kayak 'on a dime' in a carved turn.
For its size and displacement, the stitch and glue Cirrus is feather light at 35lb and it features the largest 'hull flare' of all One Ocean Kayak designs. Being paddled by a 'top heavy' guy like myself, the stability envelope is more than comfortable and the secondary stability especially, feels fantastic.
A major thrust of the design was to build the deck in such a way as to increase the 'knee room' in the cockpit and enlarge the gear storage space at the same time. The pleasing aesthetic effect of the round, wood strip-like deck with smooth coaming and flush hatches came as a result. If you would prefer to paddle the Cirrus with a nicely contoured real wood strip deck, you can have that option with the Cirrus Hybrid.
Riding the well behaved Cirrus is a pure blast and if you are in the 150 - 250lb range, this may just be the fastest and most comfortable plywood kayak you will have ever paddled!

Snuck out and put the Cirrus in the water this morning. Very impressive. Stable, quick and responsive. Only needs a bit of tweaking on the seat and ready to go. Then I will see if my camping gear fits and if it does I will use it for trips and sell my CLC boats.
Comments: straight forward construction. Although the strong back is a bit more time consuming it is worthwhile in a truer hull. Good design, good instructions. Thanks. Overall, I enjoyed the new experience of laminating the hatch seats and coaming especially.
See you on the water. - Dave Murray

Design Features

  • Hull form - The Cirrus has a single hard chine, Swede hull form. Generously curved chines respond quickly to leaned turns and aid in excellent handling performance and responsiveness.
  • A pronounced rocker in the bow and a sharp V hull profile along the entire kayak give the Cirrus the superb directional stability. There is no hint of a self induced course deviation and the kayak follows a straight line even in low speed coasting. No need for a skeg or rudder. Your propulsion energy is efficiently channeled to speed rather than side to side yaw.
  • Sharp bow and stern entrance and exit angle as well as its Length/Beam ratio of 9.75 (second best after the Expedition) cut down significantly on wave resistance. The Cirrus Area / Displacement ratio of 8.66 simply puts it among the most efficient of plywood hulls and even some well known wood strip designs!
  • Unlike many plywood kayaks which expose the entire hard chine under water, the length of the 'hard...
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