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December 7, 2015
Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro s

Hi all finally got round to picking up my new Scupper Pro on friday

This is what it looked like by Saturday

I decided a while back that i wanted an Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro but the storage was too limited and Ii didn't want to go down the 6" hatch route as the area is usually a wash with water with my weight in it, so I decided a rod pod was the way to go.

Buy a Big Game and throw it away but keep the Rod Pod lid, it's the perfect size, the Trident 15's lid is to big; a big thank you to Andrew at Ocean Kayak for the lid without which this would not have been possible.

Step 2

I used a 24" x 18" x 1" high density chopping board cut in to 2 pieces 550mm x 150 mm, then bonded them together. Once bonded I milled a slope along the length so that it was 50mm one end and 30mm at the other.

I then used a router to make a rim for the rod pod to sit on

and cheeking that it fits

I had made a steel template to route and drill the rim.

All looking good now time for the drill i drilled 1 bolt hole front and 1 rear to hold it in possition and then drilled all the way round

I then cut out the center of the yak carefully following the rod pod rim

I then prized up the rim 10mm and mastiked up and bolted the lot down.The finnished article

Then fitted 2 straps 1 across the front 1 at the back to hold it down although the seal is very tight as I made it 2mm wider all round than the big games original hatch. Then fitted my paddle keep sail anchor trolley and fishfinder

Next on the list is a rudder kit, but that'll have to wait till the next pay day!


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