Torque Ocean Kayak

April 21, 2017
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Length 13’ 10” (4.2m) Width 29” (73.7cm) Weight with motor 86 lbs (39 kg).

Back in the summer of 2009 I had heard a rumour that Ocean Kayak were developing a kayak with a built in Minn Kota motor, its not going to be of much interest to UK anglers I thought to myself.

The Southampton Boat Show saw the launch of the Ocean Kayak Torque, it took pride of place on the Ocean Kayak stand, and quite rightly so, it wasn’t the huge platform that I had been expecting, here was a sleek hull based around the popular Trident 13 with a slot in the tankwell to accept the Saltwater Trolling Motor, they might be on to something.

The slot in the tankwell for the Minn Kota Drive System.

It wasn’t till late October that I finally got my hands on the Torque; I was fishing with a group of friends from AnglersAfloat and the demo trailer from Ocean Kayak had arrived at our launch site on Oulton Broad late on Saturday afternoon. The Torque pulled quite a crowd, so I decided to wait till the next morning to take it for a spin.

Sunday morning arrived and I wheeled the Torque to the slipway and prepared for launching. Before setting off I had to make the decision of whether to drop in the moulded skeg and paddle out onto the broad, or drop in the saltwater proof Minn Kota Trolling Motor, well I wasn’t going to mess about with the skeg so dropped it into the forward hatch and popped the Minn Kota into the tankwell slot, this is best done with the kayak on a trolley or in the water as the motor drops through the hull. A webbed strap holds the motor in position, all that was required then was to connect the motor using the 100% sealed connection cable and plug, the plug is positioned in the rear of the tankwell. The motor fits flush in the tankwell leaving plenty of room for a fishing crate or tackle box.

Launched and ready to go.

Powering the motor is a 9.3amp leisure battery which is housed firmly in the Battery Box at the front of the cockpit, the battery box will be familiar to anyone with a Ocean Kayak Trident, it is very similar to the Rod Pod, although it doesn’t allow for any tackle storage. The size and weight of the battery was a bit of a shock, it amazes me that with all the leaps in technology, batteries for cars and leisure use haven’t shrunk in size and become more portable, however once on the water the battery is soon forgotten.

Ocean Kayak Torque - Nuts & Bolts Product Showcase
Ocean Kayak Torque - Nuts & Bolts Product Showcase
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Ocean Kayak Torque motorized fishing kayak
Ocean Kayak Torque motorized fishing kayak
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