Charles River Canoe

May 3, 2016
Charles River Canoe and Kayak

Single Kayak


RENTAL RATE: $15 per hour (Kids 6-12: $9 per hour)

FOR RENT IN (subject to availability):

Single Kayaks are perfect for anyone looking for a stable and comfortable boat. Choose a stable and maneuverable recreational kayak with a large, accessible cockpit, or the slightly longer, faster, and more form-fitting light-touring kayaks. Big or small, we can find a boat that fits you. And if you're under 12, take one of our Single Kayaks (including those specifically designed for children) at our Kids' Kayak rate.

If you've never been in a kayak before, work with a Dock Hand to pick out the boat that's perfect for you — and ask them to give you a few paddling tips as well.

Single Sea Kayak (Poly or Composite)

RENTAL RATE: per hour

FOR RENT IN (subject to availability):

Sea kayaks are longer, faster, and offer more storage space. A limited selection of plastic sea kayaks is available at all our locations, and our Newton/Auburndale location has a wide variety of plastic sea kayaks plus sea kayaks made from lightweight, high-performance composite and thermoformed materials (in styles ranging from hard-chine and Greenland-style to British-style skeg boats and ICF racing kayaks).

All kayaks 15 feet or longer are considered sea kayaks.

Electric Single Kayak

Not Available

Our Ocean Kayak Torque electric single kayaks are amazingly fun and fast. Scoot around at 4-5+ mph with no effort! If you don't feel like motoring, you can always paddle like a normal kayak.

If you like fishing, the Torque comes outfitted with two rod holders and a rod storage hatch, plus you can troll easily using the electric motor. Not an angler? Don't worry — the Torque is great for just getting around and exploring.

Double Kayak

(plus a small child with the optional kid's seat)

Faster, more stable, and less susceptible to wind than a canoe, a double kayak is great fun to paddle. And, with our optional kid's seat, your small child can come along as well!

Our rental fleet includes recreational double kayaks (with a single, large cockpit for both paddlers), and, by special request in Newton only, a plastic double sea kayak (with two separate cockpits) with a retractable rudder. You can also upgrade to a lightweight composite double kayak (Newton only).

Doubles are perfect for friends, couples, or families, so drop by and take one on the water today.

Composite/Thermoformed Double Kayak

NUMBER OF BOATERS: up to Two Adults

RENTAL RATE: $24 per hour

Our double kayaks constructed of Composites or Thermoformed Plastic are true sea kayaks, with separate cockpits and hatches for storage. Take them on an off-site rental — they're perfect for camping and extended trips!

While these boats are made for trips at sea, they are also great on the river. Composite doubles are faster and handle better than our plastic doubles (especially when using the retractable rudder).

Charles River Canoe Kayak - Brighton Location
Charles River Canoe Kayak - Brighton Location
Old Town - Charles River @ Hay on Wye - want to canoe?
Old Town - Charles River @ Hay on Wye - want to canoe?
Canoeing Charles River with the kids
Canoeing Charles River with the kids...
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