Powell River Canoe Route

April 11, 2015
Powell River

Portaging from Nanton Lake to Ireland LakeCANOE ROUTE

Take Nature as your solution to RELAX.

The scenery is soothing - the air invigorating


Mitchell's, the company that services The Powell Forest Canoe Route and surrounding ocean & mountain's of Powell River, B.C., Canada.

Lower Lois Lake campsiteThe Powell Forest Canoe Route, located in Powell River at the top of the Sunshine Coast in B.C., consists of 8 lakes and 5 portages, for a total distance of 57 km. The portages range in length from 0.7 km to 2.4 km (20 min. - 1 hour 15 min.). You will get in a total of 49 km of paddling, which range in stretches of 1 km to 28.5 km (10 min. - 4 hours 45 min. depending on wind).

The best time of year to do Powell River's Powell Forest Canoe Route is June till October.Ireland Lake You can comfortably canoe the route in 5 days - we recommend 5 days - but if you have longer, we have more lakes! A popular 3 (or relaxing 4) day trip is for us to drive you up to Windsor so that you can descend to Lois. You get in the majority of the circuit, and the most beautiful portion too. A great 2 day trip is paddling Lois Lake and then through the canal into Khartoum Lake.

All the paddling is on flat water, and the portages are clear, comfortable, well marked paths with canoe rests at 4-5 min. intervals. (The trails are not built wide enough for boat walkers/wheels). Mitchell's does rent a very narrow wheel cart that will work about 55% of the portages.Entrance to Nanton - Ireland portage You don't have to wear heavy hiking boots, a hi-top runner would be sufficient.

If your main concern is to just get away from it all - Powell River, B.C. is the perfect place to go!


The Powell River Powell Forest Canoe Route is a great vacation to take with someone you haven't spent much time with lately & a wonderful family outdoor adventure!

Every lake on the route is accessible by logging roads, so no matter where you are, we can reach you. So whether this is your first outdoor trip, or one of many, you have the security of knowing help is available.

Our friendly chipmunks One of the family of 9 Loons that live on Dodd Lake Beautiful butterflies Catching a fish on Little Horseshoe Lake
Source: www.canoeingbc.com
Powell River (Goat Lake Lookout) on the Sunshine Coast
Powell River (Goat Lake Lookout) on the Sunshine Coast
Powell River Lakes Canoe trip Day 1
Powell River Lakes Canoe trip Day 1
Dodd Lake on the Powell River Canoe Route on the Sunshine
Dodd Lake on the Powell River Canoe Route on the Sunshine ...
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