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January 27, 2017
Bob s Riverside Canoe Rental

To enjoy a more peaceful trip on the "Lower Platte" during July & early August, plan to come to Riverside before 10:00 A.M. or after 3:30 P.M. A beautiful and quiet time to canoe the river is just after we open in the morning or after 4:00 P.M. to enjoy beautiful sunsets. If you canoe or tube the "Lower Platte" between 10:00 A.M. and 3:30 P.M., expect to see a number of other people on the river

Lake Michigan Sunset

For groups of 20 or more, we will supply a bundle of wood for a bonfire on the beach. Don't forget to bring your hot dogs and marshmallows for roasting! This is a great way to spend an evening for a group of friends, family reunions, bridal or bachelor parties or company outings!

Wildlife River Trips

Capture the beauty the river has to offer on camera. Nature photographers will find early morning and evening the best times to see wildlife in their natural habit. You may encounter deer, muskrat, beaver, turtles, raccoon, wild turkey, geese, swans, ducks, herons, hawks, eagles and more! Yes, Riverside does carry film and disposable cameras.

Fall Canoeing Favorites

Come canoeing and experience the colorful, fall foliage and witness the fascinating upstream migration of salmon in the Platte River. The salmon usually begin their "run" upstream during the week of September 15th and continue until mid-October. It is an experience of a lifetime. This is a quieter time on the river as the schools and universities are back in session. Many agree that this is the best time of the year. Call for details.

Other Options

Motorboats - Lower Platte Only
Rowboats - Lower Platte Only
Car Placement for Private Canoes/Kayaks - Upper and Lower Platte

If you have your own private craft, we do offer car shuttling and loose equipment rental. If you have any special needs or special requirements, do not hesitate to call. We will always do our best to accommodate any and all.

Source: www.canoemichigan.com
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Riverside Cabin Vacation Rental Near Durango, Colorado
Parking area at Riverside Canoe Rental - 2013 Flood
Parking area at Riverside Canoe Rental - 2013 Flood
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