Russian River Canoe Rental

January 10, 2018
Russian River Estuary

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State Park Estuary
Russian River

Tourism Activities Funding Education & Research Projects
"The Most Ecologically Dynamic Section of the Russian River"
Generations Of Local Experience / Certified Guide Training
Outdoor emergency service, research and education internships
In the Coastal Heart of The Greater Farallones Sanctuary

Click Here! Local Weather Forecasts
Fall Into Winter: Flat Water with Possible Afternoon Wind Influence

Available Year Around!
We recommend reservations a week in advance!
Reservation Line: 9 AM - 6 PM: 707-865-2249
Pre-Book For Any Day Of The Year / Drop Ins May Be PossiblePassing Through? Use Our 2-Way Radio To Reach Office Staff
Welcome to Rural America! Onsite location is a Kiosk / Booth

Rental Start Times ( Fall into Winter)
Fully Staffed Fri-Mon And Holidays: 9AM-2PM
Staffed by Advance Reservation: Tue-Thur 10AM-2 PM
Allow 30 Minutes Prior Activity For Outfitting And Safety Review
Other Options: / Certified Instruction

Safety Limitations:
Often this location is beginner friendly and ideal for first time kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. However, no outdoor activity can be considered inherently safe.

Harbor Seal Colony: 50 Yard Restriction: Land & WaterLink: Use Hacienda:
Rentals may be restricted to Guided Tours at higher flows and close at 3000 CFS for the Estuary Loop. Guided Tours and Skills Instruction may be available upstream to 10, 000 CFS.

Did We Make Up All These Rules And Regulations? All Providers Are Required To Follow State and Local Boating Laws In Order To Operate. You are entering a State Park that is also in the heart of the coastal Greater Farallones Sanctuary. Yes there are wildlife viewing restrictions also associated with an open river mouth flushing into the mighty Pacific Ocean. The Great News Is: We specialize in outdoor interpretation and outdoor safety and risk management. NOAA and State Parks also has set the veiwing limits specifically to allow the best possible viewing of local wildlife while protecting the public from venturing too close to the river mouth. We track the wildlife daily and cover the best places to view the days activity on an arial view map of the estuary prior to your departure. Map Link.Please note disclaimers below:
Although we do our best to track our local weather and water conditions, and provide public access to the same resources we use, all participants must sign a liability waiver in order to participate.Seasonal Coastal Wind And River Current Restrictions: Kayakers, boaters or stand up paddle boarders may be required to show proof of prior instruction or demonstrate appropriate skills prior to renting during windy or moving water conditons. Guided Tours Are Also A Good Option. Skills Courses Are Avaialble. All participants, of any age, must be able to float and swim well enough to assist in their own rescue if they fall out of a boat or kayak, or off of a stand up paddle board.

Did You know? BUI (Boating while under the influence).

It is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in every state. This law pertains to ALL boats (from canoes and rowboats to the largest ships) The use of alcohol is involved in about a third of all recreational boating fatalities. WaterTreks And The American Canoe Association (ACA). Guides Are ACA Certification or Equivilent. The ACA has partnered with the US Coast Guard, in helping to improve boating safety in the US, for over 100 years. We also cooperate with our local State Parks and Emergency Services. Because we care abut your safety, as well as the liability risks to our education and research programs, our staff will decline participation to any person under the influence or who insists on consuming to become under the influence while operating any vehicle including a bicycle (CUI). Paddling is a wonderful way to work up an appetite, and thirst, for enjoying the local quisine, wine and microbrews, after your activity. Ask us about local establishments and entertainment venues. We want you to have a great time! Discounts: Gas Rebate For Group Shuttles / Published Discount Tour Dates
Discount Codes: May be available online or from your local accomodation provider.
Discounts on future activities after taking our beginning instructional courses. Kayaks: We provide a wide selection of sit on top, sit in and moving water kayaks for our rentals, tours and instructional courses.

Shuttle Schedule
Changes Seasonally
9AM / 11AM / 1PM / 3PM
See Our Route Map! Fall Into Winter: Flat Water with Possible Afternoon Wind Influence

Kayak Rentals
Estuary And Lower Russian River
(Fall: Wide Unobstructed Slow to Flat River with Tidal Influence)

Ocean Hazards: Know Before You Go!
All Activities Are Within The River and Estuary Waters
Ocean Beach and Island Hikes / Wildlife and Birding
All Participants Must Honor Federal Regulations For Viewing Wildlife.
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14ft alumacraft duck boat inboard jet drive - $10,000
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10 foot Aluminum Jet Boat, on the Rogue River in Oregon
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