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August 3, 2017
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Sit-on-top kayaks, often abbreviated as S.O.T. or simply SOT kayaks, are a relatively recent development in water sports crafts. As the name implies, the kayaker gets to sit on top of the SOT kayak instead of having his or her lower body embedded within the craft’s well. To ensure a snug fit, a depression on the surface of the kayak is contoured to the shape of the human body; this depression serves as the seating area and, as with the kayak, is often made of rotomolded polyethylene, although some are made of fiberglass.

SOT kayaks are often used for SCUBA diving because they are easier to get in and out of relative to kayaks with the older design, now known as sit-in kayaks, SIKs or, more ominously, SINKs. SOTs are also often used for touring and even surfing.

The chair consists of a 1.5-inch thick closed cell foam padding that includes a backrest and a seat. Because closed cell foam is relatively structurally stiff, it is ergonomically contoured to follow the human figure.

The backrest flares as it descends to the seat and thus wraps your flanks to keep you stable and in place. Behind the backrest is a large pocket that extends almost its entire height. Indeed, it is large enough to carry a hydration pack with a capacity of two liters, so you will rarely go without water as you paddle your SOT kayak out to the sea. In addition, whatever you place inside the pocket is secured with a zipper. Further, you need not worry about getting your supplies soaked as drainage holes are provided.

Also at the back are two pairs of straps with plastic adjustments, or tightening buckles, and brass swivel clips that fasten to the kayak. With these attachments, you will be less likely to lose your kayak chair. Nor will you be likely to get thrown into the water with it, even in the face of the biggest breakers.

The seat provides a comfortable cushion, which greatly helps to ease the discomfort of sitting on a hard surface. It curves upward slightly on its sides following the shape of your legs.

The closed cell foam padding is enclosed in a 600-denier ripstop nylon, which means it is extremely resistant to ripping and tearing. This is because the fabric has ripstop reinforcement threads interwoven in a crosshatch pattern; this helps stop small tears from easily expanding.

Sitting for hours on the hard surface of the kayak, however, can be hard on your back and on your behind. Although you can change position from time to time because your lower body is not confined within the kayak, this mobility is not enough to ease the pressure on your body. You need something to soften the rigid surface. You need a padded chair. You need a Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak Chair III.

Another nice and unexpected feature – you can simply unlock the four brass clips from your kayak and take your Crazy Creek SOT Kayak Chair III with you and continue to sit in comfort at your campsite.

At its widest point, the kayak chair is 16 inches. The seat has a depth of 14 inches, while the backrest is 11 inches tall.

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