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April 16, 2018
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Are you interested in working outdoors, teaching natural history, and leading sea kayak trips? Then apply now to join our cadre of professional sea kayak guides. Keep in mind that guiding is hard work and requires a great deal of training and preparation. Sea Quest guides need to excel at a wide array of skills, including leadership, sea kayaking safety and rescue, instructing outdoor skills, teaching natural history, and preparing great meals.

Our sea kayak guides undergo the most rigorous and lengthy training program of any outfitter on San Juan Island, two weeks in our own intensive kayak guide school. When completed, you will feel confident of your skills and prepared for whatever happens on the water, as you will have practiced it all in true marine conditions. Most other outfitters in this region spend only one to three days (if any) training their guides on ponds and lakes.

How to Apply for a Kayak Guide Job with Sea Quest Kayaking Adventures

Applications are by resume only. A cover letter and list of employer references should be included. A recent photo of yourself, especially in an outdoor situation, can be helpful. Send a standard resume augmented with details of sea kayaking and/or marine travel experiences, and marine natural history skills. Please be very complete when providing the augmented kayaking and marine experience information. We must have the specific information requested in order to properly evaluate applicants. Keep in mind that if you are in good physical condition, we can train you to be a safe and strong kayak guide very quickly. On the other hand, natural history knowledge is something that takes much longer to acquire, and you will need to be knowledgeable in this area or spend several months studying before you arrive for training. We will provide a required reading list for this purpose! Applicants can send materials to jobapplicant (at), or snail mail to PO Box 2424, Friday Harbor WA 98250.

Sea Kayak Guide Job / Naturalist Educator

Qualifications A degree in one of the natural sciences; strong leadership abilities in outdoor situations; able to lead detailed discussions on marine natural history. Experience traveling on marine waters; camping and kayaking. Driver’s license and clean record with no moving violations in past 3 years. Current CPR and at least standard first aid required. Possession of tent, suitable outdoor clothing, and other miscellaneous items. Enrollment and successful completion of our intensive pre-season “Sea Kayak Guide Training Program” is mandatory. Internships are available for students and those with little experience. If interested, please indicate this clearly in your cover letter.

Duties Assist in all phases of field operations, including leading sea kayak tours, transportation of gear, preparation of food and equipment, routine maintenance, etc. Summer program: averages to full-time from late June to early September, and part-time in May to early June and from late September to mid-October. Depending on your individual agreement, positions begin either mid-May or late June and end sometime between early-September to mid-October. Mandatory “Sea Kayak Guide Training Program” takes place mid to late May with dates announced later.

Work Location Near Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington.

Salary Up to $200/day depending on skills and prior experience.

Office Jobs: Reservations, Logistics & Assistant Director

Sea Quest Kayak Expeditions also hires people for administrative jobs such as reservations and logistics. Often times these administrative folks can supplement their normal duties by working part-time as kayak guides or assistants, provided that they have completed the kayak guide training class. Or, if they prefer, they can participate on the trips as guests during their days off so they don’t miss any of the fun!

Colleges and universities frequently send us interns who are interested in pursuing a career as outdoor educators and/or administrators. Please let us and your education coordinator know if this opportunity interests you, but be aware that our internships require a firm time commitment and hard work.

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