Sea Kayaking Lessons

February 6, 2017
Sea Kayaking Lessons In
Sea kayaking gives you a tremendous sense of freedom. Whether on your neighborhood lake, or the open water, being competent enough to paddle with proper technique gives you the confidence to paddle further, longer, and have more fun. In addition to skill development, we help our students create their own community so that they can build new friendships that make the sport even more fun!

Our Membership Package offers a lifetime of coaching. Five superbly structured lessons-plus free weekly practice nights-ensure self-sufficiency. Once you've learned the fundamentals and safety, you'll focus on becoming more maneuverable and using fewer, but better, strokes to get where you're going. Learn to roll your kayak (it's really not that hard) and boost your confidence. Finally, learn expedition skills such as trip planning and navigation that will transform the seas into your playground. All equipment is provided. You have up to two years to complete the five courses and may attend the free practice nights for life. Free rentals and a 10% member dividend at our retail stores are also included.

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Bonus! Sign up for the Sea Kayak Membership Package and come out weekly to practice with our instructors, absolutely free. Simply show up at the parking lot and we head out together-kayak, paddle, skirt, and pfd are provided. Be sure to leave time for the after practice social hour-and be ready to make new friends!

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Whether you're new to paddling or have been at it for a while, our Starter Package will expose you to the essentials that touring and recreational kayakers need to know to be safe: proper equipment fit, core muscle use, how to handle a capsize and how to assist in a rescue. The two classes are coached by our mature, professional team of instructors who will speed up the learning process by providing tailored feedback and hands-on teaching.

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If you signed up for the Starter Package and find that you want to continue learning more advanced skills, get free weekly practice nights for life, and continue to be a part of our friendly community of beginner paddlers, just upgrade to the Sea Kayak Membership Package!

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Learn about compasses, maps, charts, and tides in this two-hour classroom session. We'll also teach you how to plot and follow a course and discuss different navigation aids.

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