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November 26, 2016
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Kayak Buying GuideFor those looking to buy a kayak and looking forward to happy days and holidays on the water, there are a few humps to get over before making the purchase. Kayaks can look great in the brochures, on the manufacturers’ websites, and in online shopping outlets like eBay, but there are a few practical concerns that will need to be addressed before anyone commits to buying one.

Firstly, not all kayaks are the same. Many are built for specialist purposes and styles these days. Some are more stable than others and, with some, it might not be possible to fit all your day equipment into the kayak. Kayaks are an expensive outlay and it is easy to make a poor choice and end up wasting a lot of money. Here are some pointers on what to look for when buying a kayak on eBay. By following the instructions in this guide, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to acquire the right kayak for you for the best price, and to get the most enjoyment out of it.

What is Required?

Knowing what is actually needed is the key starting point. Kayaks are increasingly being designed to be specialist boats, built for certain paddling styles. For those looking for a kayak that comes into an easily defined category, like a sea kayak, this is easy. However, if a boat is required that will be right for every occasion, then the buying process, whether on eBay or in a bricks and mortar store, can be trickier.

Kayak buyers on eBay will want to establish precisely what it is they want from their kayaking. It can help to list the kind of activities they want to take part in with their kayak. This is the time to be realistic. If a kayak is designed for rivers, it is not going to function properly on the ocean. Likewise, a kayak designed for a grade two river will not cope well with a grade four.

Some of the key questions kayak buyers need to answer are:

  • What sort of kayaking do they generally do and where do they do it?
  • How skilful are they or will be in the future?
  • How far do they plan to take this kayaking interest?
  • Will it remain just a hobby or do they see themselves turning professional?

Other considerations in buying the perfect kayak on eBay include weight and height of the user. A substantial amount of research is required.

Online Research

Quick research has never been so easy, thanks to the Internet. Anyone can go online and search for reviews and articles with advice on the different styles of kayaks available, and eBay has several buying guides designed to help the online shopper make an informed choice. One great place to start is kayak manufacturers’ websites. Buyers should make a list of their criteria and then another list of boats that fit into these requirements.

Websites of kayak sellers can be helpful because they usually put a variety of kayaks together, so their features can be compared. An eBay search for kayaks will also bring up a variety of boats that can be directly compared with each other. Finally, forums where people talk about first-hand experiences of their kayaks can be valuable sources of information.

Types of Kayak

Kayaks come in a number of categories. Here are the main ones.

Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are good for beginners who will use them in calm conditions. They are stable craft but do not work so well in inclement weather. The main features are:

  • Usually come with a smaller storage area and be generally deployed for day trips.
  • Most range from ten to 12 feet in length and make getting in and out easy, thanks to the big cockpit.
  • A wide beam offers good stability.
  • A rudder for steering is rare among recreational kayaks.
  • In short, they are affordable and stable but don’t keep their course like a touring kayak will.
  • Models to consider: BIC Sport Tobago Blue, Aire Tomcat Tandem, Ocean Big Yak

Touring Kayaks

  • They offer stability when the weather is inclement.
  • These kayaks are around 12 to 15 feet in length
  • The design of their hulls makes it easy to get lift in choppy waves.
  • The storage areas come with sealed covers so that equipment stays dry.
  • A rudder is the norm on these kayaks, making for easy turning.
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