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April 9, 2016
Tofino Sea Kayaking Company

inside-photo1The guided day tours at Tofino Sea Kayaking provide exceptional excursions through some of the most beautiful backdrops on earth. Create a unique and authentic west coast experience by choosing one of our guided tours that will take you on an incredible journey from the awe-inspiring inlets, islands & coastlines of Clayoquot Sound to the incredible ancient cedars of Meares Island.
Reservations are recommended

The Islander – Beginner Tour

$64 | 2.5 hours | An ideal introduction to sea kayaking, this tour of the harbour islands around Tofino is a brief but exciting look into the spectacular scenery of Clayoquot Sound.

Meares Island Trees & Shores – Beginner Tour

$79* | 4 hours | Experience a unique opportunity to explore the awe-inspiring old-growth forest of Meares Island. Paddle your way along the harbour islands to the massive cedars that stretch hundreds of feet into the air where you land for a walk through the wild winding trails of this unforgettable destination.
*Add $3 trail fee is added to price by the Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Park for maintenance

Hidden Places – Beginner-Intermediate Tour

$119* | 5.5 hours | Explore some of the lesser travelled routes and hidden inlets in Clayoquot Sound, exciting a sense of exploration. The towering mountains of Vancouver Island meet up with a myriad of life in the intertidal zones during this day tour up Lemmens Inlet.
(Add gourmet lunch $17)

Coastal Explorer – Intermediate Tour

$165* | 7 hours | For a taste of open coast paddling, venture forth with our guides to the shorelines of Vargas Island. You’ll get a good feel for the open ocean as you cross Farther Charles Channel where you can gaze out towards the distant horizon and feel the rolling swells beneath your kayak.
(Add gourmet lunch $17)

A Timeless Journey in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve – Intermediate Tour

$199** | 8 hours | This full-day kayaking expedition is a rare chance to explore the calm waters of Grice Bay, Tofino and Tranquil Inlet. Immerse yourself in the historic waterways & rich ecosystems in and near Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. This tour includes a chef inspired lunch prepared by Red Can Gourmet.

sea kayak tour Tofino
sea kayak tour Tofino
Hot Springs Cove -- Tofino Clayoquot Sound Sea Kayak
Hot Springs Cove -- Tofino Clayoquot Sound Sea Kayak ...
Sea Kayak surfing in Tofino,
Sea Kayak surfing in Tofino,
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