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November 13, 2013
Whale - Seawolf Kayak

The philosophy behind the design and construction of Seawolf’s kayaks is that a traditional kayak should perform as well or better than commercial plastic kayaks. I believe that the water we paddle in takes no excuses, and every time someone puts themselves into a kayak they are putting their trust and their life in it.

Seawolf has built, in combination with our workshops, over 500 kayaks over a decade. Each boat is an improvement over the last, from listening to the feedback from every paddler, and from extensive testing ourselves.

Stronger Construction. SOF kayaks have strong traditional roots. We have greatly improved upon the modern construction of SOFs by strength testing the individual parts of each kayak and using some modern woodworking techniques.

As an example, our deck beams are laminated curves, which gives a deck beam strong enough for a person to jump up and down on. Nearly all other skin on frame kayaks are built with sawn beams, which break with 1/4 the stress of a laminated beam and are far heavier. We’ve incorporated dozen of small changes in our kayaks that result in an overall boat that is lighter, stronger, and handles the water better.

Easier and More Renewable Construction. Of course it is possible to overbuild anything past its practical purpose, such as a stretch Hummer limo. Our attitude is to design a kayak that is simple and elegant. Each step in the process uses the minimal amount of effort, creates a very small amount of waste, and uses renewable choices in materials.

For example, our ribs are made of fast-growing bamboo timber, instead of old growth oak or ash. It’s easier to source, bends better and is stronger for its weight. We are always looking and thinking about where our materials come from and what our process is. We believe that for every kayak produced, the world should, on balance, be a better place.

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