Common Diet Pills and Their Side Effects

Diet Pills can be dangerous and the side effects vary from one pill to another because they’re all made from different ingredients. We are aware that there are good diet pills often seen in the television that are recommended to help you lose weight and have been made through extensive research. But there are also bad pills which also claim to be effective, backed-up with research and testimonials that often blind us all.

The best way to lose weight is to regular exercise and proper diet and I have written this phrase for so many times already. Losing weight is never easy. In today’s society, we are often bound to living an “instant” lifestyle. Instant or no-cook noodles for breakfast, potato chips for mid-day snacks, burger for lunch and after all the work we’ve been through buy phentermine amazon the whole day, we enjoy a drive-through meal before we tuck ourselves to bed at night. Because of this, we all look for ways to lose weight instantly without having to go through a lot of effort.

These are some of the weight loss pills that could probably ring a bell and their side effects.

Duromine - Although this is prescribed only to really obese patients, its active ingredient is phentermine which is said to cause dry mouth, blurred vision, palpitations, high blood pressure and insomnia. This is an appetite supressant.

Alli - Since Alli prevent the absorption of fat, you're capability to absorb vital nutrients will be reduced. These are some of its side effects: bloating, gas, diarrhoea, oily spotting, bloating of stomach, muscle crams and gall bladder problems.

Meridia - This is available as a prescription-only drug and is widely available in many countries. It is highly effective but have been found to cause anorexia to some patients. Some of its side effects are: high blood pressure, constipation, chest pains, jaundice, abnormal bruising and bleeding.

Ephedra - These are widely-known fat burners that are widely-used in UK. It's been s