Spirit’s Seasons, A Series – Football, Episode VI

coaches continued to banter, a tall figure approached. Dressed in black and red, it was the 6’5″ Levar James, their old classmate and tight end teammate from college. Billy exclaimed, “Well, whadda ya know, it’s the big drinka water?”

“Hey, it’s great to see you guys! I’m scouting for The Wolfe right now. He’s got me here to look at this Browder kid and the CresentMoon line, er, lineman, well, he looks like an entire 8-man line.”

Spirit replied, “Yeah, I think he’s picked up another ten pounds this season and he’s a quick, strong, savvy blocker. It’s good to see you Levar, almost like a Central team reunion here.”

Billy offered, “I can put you in the crow’s nest if ya want.”

“No, no, thanks, but I’d rather walk the sideline to see this action close up. Best of luck to both of you guys.”

The captains and officials met at the fifty. Larry called heads and the coin landed heads. Larry started to say he would defer, but mistakenly stated, “We’ll kick off.” Buddy noted the mistake and kept it in mind for the second-half kickoff. The Browder boy had made the same mistake a year ago. Buddy realized that his team would receive the ball now, and it would be his turn to decide at the start of the second half. And his decision would be, of course, to receive the ball then too. As Larry and Buddy shook hands and Larry broke away, Buddy apprised the officials of the situation. They had seen this before and they understood.

Waiting deep for the kickoff was the Panther speedster Red Boyd accompanied by Milo Moctileme. But Mac shanked the kick and it fell short to Buddy. The Browder boy ran to the left and saw too many white jerseys so he cut back to the right almost to the sideline and then cut upfield. Mac and Sylix were there to meet him. Buddy slowed to cut left and ran hard and collided into a brick wall. It was CresentMoon, not running fast, but bringing plenty of mass, plenty of momentum. The Panther quarterback went into the air several feet and landed hard. He instinctively braced the fall with his right hand and jarred it to the ground. When Buddy got up he was experiencing pain in his right wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Buddy moved his arm about and felt that it was not serious, but he also realized that he would not be throwing many passes, maybe none. Throughout the remainder of the game Buddy primarily handed the ball off to Moctileme, Sinwit, or Boyd.

Larry also knew that he was not truly in the best shape so he handed the ball off to the Skosum brothers throughout much of the game. He did make some quick passes though and Tulameen was able to gain short yardage. Swift Skosum started out strong, running with abandon, but not always making the best decisions. On his first carry he ran between Squetimkin and CresentMoon. They created a huge hole. The elder Skosum went through it first and flattened Eureka’s toughest linebacker, Scott Sinwit. Swift ufabet ทีเด็ดบอลสเต็ป ran past his brother at top speed and continued straight up the field. The only person between Swift and the goal line was the slender Milo. The younger Skosum closed the distance quickly. Not trying to fake at all, Swift ran head-on into the Moctileme boy, flattened him, knocked his helmet off, and painfully stumbled into the end zone. Touchdown Bobcats! After that run most of the first half was an exchange of running and punting that left a surprisingly low 6-0 score.