Youth Football Practice, Your Fourth Practice of the 2008 Season

This is a continuation of the football practice schedule my three youth football teams are following for the 2008 season as well as comments on the progress of all three teams age 7-9, 10-11 and 12-13.

We gave the kids Friday-Sunday off. While most of our competition is practicing 5 days per week, we feel very confident that using the practice methodology we employ along with the proper pace and priorities, we will be able to compete. We believe that youth football players should be really looking forward to practice and are going to make sure no one gets “burned out”, while preparing the kids for our first game on 8/23. This is the earliest game we have ever played and the least amount of practice time I’ve ever had in coaching youth football for over 15 years.

We got started with the base dynamic warm ups, team fit form tackle and angle form tackling, We are easily getting done with all of this in 10 minutes, the pace is where we want it and everyone is breathing a bit heavy at the end of it. Coaches are getting the hang of the perfection we are looking for and the super fast pace, where each small group of 6 kids is getting a rep about every 6 seconds.

Today was a defensive day and our second day in pads.

We worked 20 minutes competitive group tacking drills, loser goes to left group, winner to right group, Close quarters tackling drills and for those progressing well, 3 slot challenge tackling drills. For those struggling, back to the form splatter tackling drills.

The competitive group tackling process helped us determine where kids were going to play on defense. We had a real good idea based on last weeks practice, but this helped us on the kids sitting on the fence. Our coaches all have a detailed description of each position and the traits required to play each position.

We divided up into and did the following for 30 minutes:

Linebackers-Open Field tackling and block shedding drills

D-backs- backpedal, 45 degree break on backpedal, Cover Post, Out

D-Linemen- Bull Rush move, Swim Move, Both moves then form tackle fit

Bearcrawlers- Bearcrawler progression per the book, relay, squeeze, squeeze to form tackle fit

D-Ends- Base alignment, base move, versus lead block sweep, versus coaches as scout on sweep, reverse, off-tackle

Team Defense 40 minutes- 3 steps and stop on ball movement, versus double tight full house, versus double tight wing, versus split with slot

Subbing every play- Every player has both an offensive and defensive position

The with coaches running backfield, sweep, boot, reverse, dive, off-tackle, play action

20 minutes Kicker tryouts-Younger team

10 minutes “game time” Deer Hunter, Dummy Relay Races

Older team 20 minutes – Punt and Kickoff teams

Stay tuned for more developments.

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